Fear Itself Session 15-2 (Clootie and the Blowfish)

by | Feb 26, 2018 | LoTT Actual Play


Jack Crandall – Brett

Randy Anders – Kurt

Erin Shaughnessy – John

GM – Neil

The guys decide to hangout in the truck for a while to see if the clootie makes a reappearance. After an hour or so of planning and waiting they head back to the bed and breakfast. Erin drops a postcard for Edward and heads to bed. Jack has Erin and Randy up bright and early and Randy is a little salty during breakfast. Mrs. Garrison brings over Edward’s return post card which states that a package is on the way.

Randy stays at the hotel to do research while Jack and Erin head over to the general store for clootie hunting supplies.   Too late they realize that all of the things they bought kind of look like a murder kit. The young clerk is justifiably concerned and starts to get antsy.   Erin tries to play the Ghostfacers card while Jack goes right to his wrestling background. The kid is nonplussed by the whole thing and Jack asks for the manager. Erin decides to push his luck and plays the sisterite video for the manager. Predictably he looses his shit and is convinced that the monster, supposedly in town, is real. A phone tree gets started and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Beating a hasty retreat, Jack and Erin head to the beach to see if anything weird stands out. Meanwhile Randy is studiously researching for anything he can find related to the clootie. They are part of Scottish mythology, possibly the souls of drown sailors or old people who have passed that wish to look again at the living. No one is really sure what they are. He does find a poem written by AP Morgan Blunket that maybe in reference to the clootie:

“I cannot sleep, I hide my face from surf and swell and blow, since I’ve seen the queer gray men that nightly come and go.

The village squats in sodden dusk with sea mist draped and drear and I the wave, I the waves come rushing far and near.

With every door is locked and barred and every curtain drawn, ‘tis then they come unseen but heard.

Forsook, forgotten, forlorn the old know better than to look, the young are fast to bed. But I with lonely cynics pride and science in my head, I looked.

I shall not look again, for yet I have seen them pass. The hollow faces of the drowned in the mist beyond the glass.”

Mrs. Garrison knocks on Randy’s door and tells him that Sheriff McElroy is there to see him. Concerned and confused Randy heads down to the lobby where the sheriff begins to question him about the phone tree and reports of a monster in town. At that time Erin and Jack show up at the bed and breakfast. Erin tries to smooth things over as best as he can and agrees not to talk about monsters. When the sheriff leaves he apologizes to Mrs. Garrison for the inconvenience and asks if she could recommend a boat captain. She makes a call for them to Captain Olmstead and they head off to the pier.

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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/