Fear Itself Session 24-1 (A Time for Action)

by | Jul 8, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Crandall – Brett

Randy Anders – Kurt

Erin Shaughnessy – John

GM – Neil

Jack excuses himself from Delphinine when Randy enters the ballroom. Randy tells Jack the Erin maybe poisoned and Jack shares the fact that Delphinine has horns. They decide to take Erin to Randy’s room to keep an eye on him and try and come up with a plan. The first plan is to send the guy, who Erin met, a text message to try and get him to come up to the room so they can beat the shit out of him. Predictably it doesn’t work. Instead they send a letter to Edward to look up the name Thomas Kine and see if he’s a legitimate guest and to get some lock picks.

The package comes along with a note from Edward. Unsurprisingly the there is no one by the name of Thomas Kine registered at the hotel.   Strike two for the team. Jack is not real big on continuing with Delphinine but Erin and Randy convince him to go down and talk with her again and tell her about the guy whom Erin talked to. Delphinine tells Jack that Thomas Kine is actually a maintenance man by the name of Kenneth. With that information Jack returns and the group decides to try and snatch Kenneth when he returns to the employee living quarters behind the hotel.

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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/