Fear Itself Session 6-1

by | Oct 31, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Kurt – Randy Anders
Brett – Jack Crandall
John – Erin Shaughnessy
Neil – GM
Randy is admitted and kept overnight at the hospital. He tells Jack and Erin about the guy who beat him up including the interesting detail that his attacker had some sort of occult symbol tattooed on his wrist. They sit around trying to put all of the pieces together and then Jack decides to head down to Randy’s work to investigate. Erin stays behind to keep an eye on Randy.

The parking lot is deserted except for Randy’s car. After a bit of investigation Jack finds what looks to have been the attackers hiding spot in the hedges along the building. Following the line of the building he comes out into the parking lot of the 24 hour Donut Hut. Right near the dumpster is two burnout marks made by car tires.

Knowing that he’s close, Jack heads into the Donut Hut. Turns out the manager is a Bandana Jack fan. Not only does Jack score some free donuts he gets the manager to show him the surveillance footage of the area around the dumpster. Score one for the old guy, sure as shit the video show’s Randy’s attacker. Jack takes a video with his phone and heads back to the hospital.

After Jack gets back to the hospital, Sergeant Jeffries visits the trio to get Randy’s statement. Erin and Jack become somewhat belligerent before settling down. Once officer Jeffries leaves Jack shows Erin and Randy the video he took on his phone. Randy is eventually discharged and the guys head over to Characters Diner for brunch. Like Randy says taking a beating really makes you hungry.

Next they head to Randy’s mom’s house to pick up some things for Randy. When they pull up out front they see the front door is ajar. After a quick check at the door Erin dives into the house……..

Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/