Fear Itself Session 7-1

by | Dec 12, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Crandall – Brett

Erin Shaughnessy – John

Randy Anders – Kurt

GM – Neil

After things settle down Erin calls his mom to see if everything is ok over there.  With everything up in the air they kick around a bunch of ideas concerning Sergeant Jeffries, the burner phone guy and the video footage.  Randy calls his mom and it sounds like a real shit show.  Randy and Jack go through the #donutfootage to see if they can pull a plate number while Erin makes dinner.  We text our contact on the burner phone to try and set up a meet.    We also find out Randy has his mom’s gun which Jack quickly takes away from Randy and unloads it.  Jack goes home to sleep and Randy stays at Erin’s.

In the morning the burner phone buzzes and there’s a message that just says mailbox.  Erin, freaked out, quickly wakes up Randy who says it probably means there something in Erin’s mailbox.  Erin bolts out the door to get Jack, who is ridiculously calm.  They tie a string to the mailbox and pull it open and nothing happens.  Inside there’s a postcard that has the same address as before, that says meet at noon and ask for Edward.


Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/