Leah Looks At “Elaine,” by Ben Arzate

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Book Reviews, Legends of Tabletop

Atlatl Press

Available HERE February 28, 2020

This narrative of a seemingly somnolent northern Minnesota town opens on a stroke of extreme violence, one whose reverb echoes throughout the entirety of this work.

Record store owner Chris penetrates a reservoir of ill fortune when his girlfriend Agnes returns to her hometown of Elaine to bury her recently deceased mother. The only road into Elaine is under massive construction; the road has been closed. The only way into town is to travel by train. Now carless, he relies on her father for lodging and transport. Agnes’ unexplained absence remains suspicious to both Chris and her father, Karl.

Agnes’ longtime friend Elaine (most of the women in town share this name) seems eager to participate in some extracurricular activities. While both Chris’ subconscious and vivid dreamscape are certainly raging to take part, his conscious self harbors reluctance to engage. A well-regarded enthusiastic priest remains adrenalized about traditionally taboo and forbidden topics.

Who should this masochistic audiophile trust? Where should he turn? Can he resist temptation? Wrap your hands around this expeditious, energetic account and hold on tight.

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