Leah Looks At – Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Legends of Tabletop

Fidget Spinner
Journey of Secrets

Edis Brothers Game

iOS® http://ezone.com/ios/journey
Android™ http://ezone.com/android/journey

Hi everybody, this one’s just a very fast and brief blurb about this free to play fidget-spinning app. Can’t find one of these devices fast enough?
Need a compelling story to go along with your virtual fidget spinner?

Get your hands on this bad boy, and tap, tappy tap your way to fidget spinning bliss, with multiple spinners to twirl their way into your heart. Hm.

VR and AR capability for those that REALLY want to experience the full range of virtual fidget spinner ownership!!

It is somewhat hypnotic, but I shall evade its grasp for now. The storyline appears to be one of a professor researching the fad.

Youtube Trailer HERE