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Girl, have you considered the possibility that he is just not that into you?

HellBound Books Publishing, LLC
Houston, TX
October 4, 2019

Craig Stewart’s FOLLOW HIM feeds our basic desires to watch terrible people do even worse things to one another. Does that make me basic?

I get it, lonely reader. I’m so sorry you had that nasty split. People change over time. Some metamorphoses are so complete, it’s simple to turn and question whether we knew this imposter at all.

This page-turner opens to find our innocent cultist Jacob Donohue, deep in a state of meditative prayer and bliss. As he exits the holy structure, he reassures and comforts a very nervous newcomer to the community. A celebratory interlude prepares this pair for the many exciting ceremonies to come.

The timeless stream-of-consciousness to follow is 100% organic and naturally pulls the reader along with Jacob through both memory and present, until Jacob’s ex-fiancée absconds with his unconscious body and drags him right back into the life he fought so hard to escape.

Does he even want to be saved? Here we find that his ex-fiancée has been hallucinating during her waking hours. This revelation sent me down that spiral of doubt. If I were with someone for that long and they up and left without warning, I wouldn’t waste much time pining after someone that obviously didn’t want me. Six months, sure. But at the cost of the rest of my life’s functionality? Have some dignity, woman. At this point I found myself yelling at my Kindle.

I will just say this now to any lonesome ladies out there:
Men are not hard to find.
Go to the damned hardware store if you’re so desperate.
Just go. Don’t worry about your makeup.
Look lost.
Make up a project.

You might get even a birdhouse or that leaky faucet repaired from the ordeal.
Stop pining over some ex that didn’t want you. Stop it.

Oh, that’s right, this is a book review.

Bonus: There is a scene that begins with a classic approach to the uncanny valley that is men writing women which soon gains self-awareness and corrects course.

Two disgruntled exes.
An empty house.
Emotions are high.
Who will survive this reunion?

If only all books could make me yell and laugh deeply while doing so!

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About Craig Stewart:
Amazon tells us that Craig Stewart is a Canadian author and filmmaker who learned how to count from the rhyme, “One, two Freddy’s coming for you.” He’s a creator and connoisseur of everything horror; never afraid to delve into the dark. His first novel, Worship Me, received the New Apple Literary Award of Excellence for horror in 2018.

He has also written and directed several short films that have enjoyed screenings across North America. He currently wanders dark hallways in Toronto, Canada.

Find out more about Craig at his website.