Leah Looks At Ibiranu, The Fleshcrafter: Children of the Gods

by | May 15, 2023 | Book Reviews, Legends of Tabletop

Leah Looks At Ibiranu, The Fleshcrafter: Children of the Gods (SplatterPulp book 2 of 2)

GENRE: SplatterPulp
AUTHOR: John Baltisberger
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Cover art is by Simone Trammetta, more can be found HERE

I return from an extended hiatus to find myself uncertain of the names of most items placed in this tale. Are they based in mythology or religion that I don’t know? Am I just that uneducated? Perhaps.

After deciding it doesn’t matter, I flip to the next page.

Betrayed by his mentor, the magician’s apprentice Ibiranu is intentionally disfigured by the being he has labored his entire life for, and transported to the realm of the Gods.

Suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar body, knowing none and having little, Ibiranu is left with a mission to retrieve a sacred and heavily-guarded relic to regain his unbroken body and return to the life of privilege he once knew.

Ibiranu manages to cobble together a group of unlikely accomplices to accompany him on this impossible quest. Together with Meridiana, Oshaank and Ah’kravat, the questionable crew sails toward certain doom in a “You Son of a bitch, I’m in” styled caper of mythic proportions.

I enjoyed the significant imagination Baltisberger brings to this tale. My brain struggles to correlate similar titles. Crab pirates, krill henchmen, sentient seafood and gender fluidity all mesh in this sea of improbability.

We all read to escape something. This book does a great job of taking one’s mind and sending it elsewhere, if just for a little while.