Leah Looks at: “Letters to the Purple Satin Killer” by Joshua Chaplinsky

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Book Reviews, Leah's Lair, Legends of Tabletop

GENRE:  Satire, Dark Comedy, Horror Fiction, Thriller
AUTHOR: Joshua Chaplinsky
COVER DESIGN: Matthew Revert
PUBLISHER: Clash Books

Chaplinsky brings us a medley of letters written to a prisoner. These range from family members to loners in desire of a pen pal, to fan mail and law enforcement personnel. We ride out the sentence of a despised yet charismatic serial killer from incarceration to execution. Witness this gaggle of epistolarians as they carve their own trails, forever charred by the indelible presence of this diabolic deviant.

Shards of their lives are gradually revealed, and the pieces of a world begin to coalesce around the infamous Jonas Williker.

Some letters are penned in such a jovial and loving tone that it’s easy to forget: Hey, Jonas is an awful human being that absolutely can’t be trusted.

Through the tragic leaden scrawl of a desperate landlord still awaiting a receipt of compensation in any form, to the misplaced hopes of a foster parent among a chorus of the wounded, a fractured future is formed from where there would have been no future at all.

I enjoyed watching this tale unfold, and with what broad strokes the recipient of these letters was still able to conduct change in his limited existence despite a perceived position of inaction and helplessness… From his prison cell on death row.

“Letters to the Purple Satin Killer” will strike bookshelves of the unsuspecting public in August.

Until then, you can arm yourself with a preorder HERE.