Leah Looks At – “Scum of the Earth” by Cody Goodfellow

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Book Reviews, Legends of Tabletop

Congratulations for clicking on the link that brought you here, you’re almost there. In transit.

You guessed it. Scum of the Earth is a book, and it’s one that’s been penned by Cody Goodfellow!
I would tell you to read it, but…you’re gonna have to put on these sunglasses first.

This highly entertaining space opera, told with the faintest sprinkle of Douglas Adams, holds a self awareness that brings the satire to a focus of detail that makes the reader stop to reflect and digest these words as they unfold. Or spill onto the floor. You’re here. Almost there. Grab a broom. Or was it a mop? Your metaphor or mine, does it really matter?

Cody has spun another sensational tale that entertains while keeping enough space on those shelves to cram in items worth the application of conscious thought, but that is also left for you to decide.
We’re all different, I…
I know I harbor a desire to differ, but doesn’t everyone?

There’s the rub, and that’s the drug.

The spark that makes us so undeniably ourselves has landed humanity right in the bullseye of a lethal dartboard of desirable narcotics. Our grey matter has become highly sought after. Follow this cast of tragically doomed yet redeemable characters as they abscond across the galaxy from brain-hungry addicts and concupiscent hornballs on all sides (sticky little things as they may be).

In hauling the reader almost everywhere but here and back again, he succeeds, and I’ve got to stop treating Cody Goodfellow’s books as Calgon bath salts. I’ve gotten through the worst of this shoulder injury, and I will admit that this is one salve that helped to soothe. Sometimes you need to get the hell out of wherever you are and any portal will do (just make the ride memorable enough to forget the aroma of IcyHot for a little while, ok?).

And, here we are.
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I would also like to extend a very large Thank You to Rose O’Keefe at Eraserhead Press for sending me a hard copy to read – it was much, much easier to hold than my tablet.