Leah Looks at: The Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Book Reviews, Leah's Lair, Legends of Tabletop

Michael Allen Rose has teamed up with famed Bizarro artist Jim Agpalza.
Both have conspired with Madness Heart Press to deliver us all a missive, a warning, with a dash of hope.
RELEASE DATE: 12/31/22 @ 11:55pm

In this thoroughly crafted primer, Michael Allen Rose (Jurassichrist, Party Wolves in My Skull) summons a series of prophetic meditations ranging from benign to bizarre that encompass our impending doom.

Rose delivers disastrous reports with an air of detachment normally left to a well-seasoned journalist. I envision myself huddling over a tiny radio in a previously bustling office space now hushed with group solemnity as each horrific, apocalyptic event unfolds syllable by syllable.

Michael Allen Rose is an award-winning, multi-talented artist whose skillset suits both sound and stage. Comprehensive lists of his achievements and publications have been linked to his name and works above.