Leah Looks at: The Nightfall

by | May 7, 2020 | Game Reviews, Legends of Tabletop

Original: January 12, 2018. However, this was released on November 29, 2019 on Playstation 4, the platform upon which this game has been played.

VIS Games, Pingle Studio Limited

SilentFutureUnited Independent Entertainment GmbH

I am certain we are all familiar with a certain type of meme:
Would you sleep in (insert weird property here) with no communications for (length of time) for (obscene amount of money)?

I’ll just say the answer is always YES. Unless there are spiders involved (that necessitates the introduction of fire).
In this game, you get to do just that, but instead of a weird property, it’s a night alone!
The first night in your family’s new home!

Oh wait, is this a weird property?

I bet you can’t, please don’t remind me. I just want to eat some pizza and zone out.
I stop to gaze at my reflection and think – Am I a vampire now?

Apparently the game engine has its limitations, and I do too. That’s ok. I’m ok with this.

I am not okay with this. Too much like the reality I am trying to escape by playing this game.

NOOO!! This jump scare frightened me even more.

There are little clues and artifacts scattered throughout the family’s new home, and upon discovery of each new note, each artifact reveals more of the past stains contained within.

With thinly-obscured nods to recent themes in popular media that are titled after a certain pronoun, fans of this subgenre will find themselves delighted.

(I notice that none of these balloons are red.)
But the party has started, it’s pizza time.

I enjoyed the mini-games.

There are little pieces of entertainment scattered throughout the game environment. While I am also stuck at home, I tried my best to find them all. There is a surprising amount of content in different forms to discover tucked in myriad places throughout.

And there are so many of these to find! Go get ‘em! Don’t take too long, though – or the house will start to make fun of you.

This is not funny.

By expanding my search a little further, I did find an end to a perfect evening alone.

First beer, and now you take away my sex drive?!
Many other jump scares await. I was relieved to solve the mystery and place this highly traumatic experience of a solo evening in the (“I don’t like beer?”obviously haunted) home behind me.
Many eggs were sacrificed to the microwave. All of the eggs. I drank all of the soda. My now-bloated self listened to the tapes, and played all of the floppy discs. You might try filling some of that abundance of time with this selection of self-awareness:

Thank you, UIG Entertainment.