Leah Looks At… The Worst Is Yet To Come

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The Worst is Yet to Come

Author: S.P. Miskowski

Publication Date: February 22, 2019

Price – Paperback: $15.95 plus $3.00 shipping, handling and sales tax. Total Price $18.95

Electronic: $4.95

Print Length: 208 pages

Publisher: Trepidatio Publishing, an imprint of JournalStone

I stepped into the fully established town of Skillute with little warning and no prior exposure to this series.
I broke my own advice in the process to jump right into the center of activity.

S. P. seems to be well aware that such things occur, as it was my experience that this tale stood firm on its own, with only a few tangles that begged to be unraveled, minute frayed threads woven into its solid tapestry.

With a relatable cast of characters and situations, those tendrils of attachment were more deeply rooted than one would expect, brushing against currents beneath. It was surprising the bits of identity that bobbed up to my surface. Deeper discussions with others had been sparked about the parts of ourselves that visiting this book had unearthed.

For those wanting to jump into the series, I see no obvious need for restraint.  The experience was no less for not having visited Skillute in the past, and if anything, the reader is left with a need to know more about this idyllic town’s history, abundant with secrets that linger.   The author takes us for quite a ride, whose gentle breaths artfully suspend and slowly guide that feather of disbelief.
(Don’t look down.)