Leah Looks at These

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Game Reviews

Let’s face it: Sometimes things occur in spurts, and sometimes I feel I have been left with little choice but to share them all at once. It is wonderful when there is a bounty of things that hold my interest. They may not hold yours, but they hold mine.
Let me share just a few of these things with you.

Here are two upcoming video games that have captured my attention.

Pigsodus - 01
“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell, “Animal Farm”

His words are timeless.
Cue a fascination with certain barnyard animal simulation games, and you can see a trend of superficial compassion for our livestock friends that find an ultimate end resting upon a dinner plate at one point or another. See “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White, or “A Night in the Lonesome October” by Roger Zelazny.
(Okay, I admit Zelazny’s book doesn’t really center around barnyard animals so much, but this slightly different angle of Zelazny’s tale by Zach Shephard in the Lovecraft eZine eagerly steps into that delightful crossover territory.)
Anthropomorphism at its finest.

This sidescrolling RPG promises rich storytelling and a detailed leveling system in which you can develop skill trees and craft a plethora of items to assist you on your journey as the pig Horace Oinkstein.  This pig has departed on an epic quest to rescue his rooster friend Eggdar from the bloodthirsty farmer Theodor.

An intro trailer to the game can be found on Youtube here.
A peek into development of this sidescroller can also be found on Youtube here.
No crowdfunding site has been created yet to my knowledge.
I am eager to see this game reach a release date.

The Works Of Mercy
Concepts - The Works Of Mercy (PC) - 01
This psychological thriller is brought to you by games publisher PlayWay and indie games developer Pentacle.

This game with a chilling murderous protagonist claims to have been inspired by such classic works as Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and Roman Pulanski’s “Repulsion” / “The Tenant”. The press release states that it would come to PC with full VR support, and with Mac, Linux and major console releases to follow.

Yes, it’s a little bloody.  Yes, it seems to skirt controversial topics like a predecessor along somewhat common lines, “Hatred.”
I expect to see this game generate a free-publicity shitstorm perhaps a little milder than but similar to the game I just mentioned above.
A prologue gameplay trailer can be found here.
The Kickstarter can be found here.