Leah looks at: TITAN by Mado Nozaki

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Legends of Tabletop

Leah Looks At: TITAN by Mado Nozaki.
Translated by Evan Ward.

Publisher: Seven Seas, Airship imprint
Date Available: October 18, 2022
Genre: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
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In 23rd Century Japan, almost all mental health issues have been addressed. Massive systems of Artificial Intelligence exist whose tendrils are deeply woven into every aspect of modern life. Technologies such as fully automated home construction via polymer-based 3D printing are commonplace, versus FDM cement-based methods that see occasional use today. Labor as a necessity has been eradicated. Universal Basic Income has been implemented. War, famine, disease? All such ills rest in the past.

Seika Naisho is a 26 year-old psychologist whose expertise has evolved through years of study, discussion, and practice — when she chooses to do so. She has remained active in the field for so long, her articles have received comments and appreciation from many around the globe. Through this hobby, she has gained renown as one of the best. Through a matchmaking app, she crosses paths with a highly compatible potential mate. Sparks linger. However, a secretive organization with great power intervenes to threaten her freedom and way of life!

Seika learns that the AI for her area has developed a series of feedback loops detrimental to its processing power and is in need of a …counselor.

What difficulties could possibly arise from a few sessions of talk therapy?

Through emotionally rich and vibrant storytelling, Mado Nozaki has crafted an earth-pounding, thunderous tale to encompass the realm of innermost thought, desire and fulfillment.

When I began reading this book, I feared the translation may cause concerns with clarity I’ve encountered in the past. Translator Evan Ward has tackled this with concise skill.

Award-Winning author Mado Nozaki has penned works that have later been adapted for manga and television, notably:

Hello World


Another World

KADO – The Right Answer

Kaiju fans rejoice, facets of this work are adjacent to Cody Goodfellow’s All-Monster Action and other such thoroughly enjoyable festivities. I anticipate watching a visual adaptation of this book, should it occur.

In closing, I’ll say 8.5/10 tentacles writhe skyward. It feels like this tale has been told with restraint, confined within boundaries.