Legendary Giveaway

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Contest/Giveaway



We’ve partnered up with the guys over at Deep dark Designs to giveaway a copy of their book Legendary Adventures  – Harrowing Halls.  Follow the link to enter and good luck!


Weighing in at 112-pages, Legendary Adventures: Harrowing Heights offers game masters a thrilling 46-page adventure, 25 pages of introductory materials, and 40 jam-packed pages of appendices bursting with new and original ideas.

The adventure is suitable for 3-5 players of 1st to 5th-level and should easily last a group 6-12 sessions, depending on the duration of each. In addition to this, the introductory materials provide key information on the adventure’s background, as well as adding geographical context, lore, and other flourishes which both helps set the scene for the action that follows and grounds the players in the narrative. Meanwhile, the appendices add 26 new varieties of kobolds and drakes, 17 bespoke, adventure-specific NPCs, and 24 fun, original magic items. Best of all, Harrowing Heights has been lovingly illustrated with full-colour artwork and mapping throughout.