Legends of Tabletop

by | Apr 17, 2016


Who are we, you may ask?

We’re John Haremza & Vincent LaRosa, co-owners/creators of Legends of Tabletop.

And we’re just a couple of guys who love to love to play games. All kinds of games in fact from card games and dice games to board games and RPGs. There’s probably not a day that goes by when we’re not at least thinking about gaming.

So we kicked around the idea and decided that we should put together a website so that we could share our love of gaming with our fellow Nerds/Geeks/Gamers.

We release a new actual play podcast every Monday morning.  Our current campaigns are Star Frontiers run by Oscar Rios of Golden Goblin Press and a Fear Itself campaign run by Neil formerly of the NerdBound podcast.

Every week we also do interviews with game designers, podcasters, writers and more.

What we’re hoping to do is create a community for gamers to come together for support, ideas and maybe to just shoot the shit.

So no matter what you’re playing, pull up a chair, roll some dice, draw a card and have some fun.

Now, go peruse the site, and get Legendary!