Other Borders Session 0

by | Sep 23, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Filippo “The Great” Pacini – Shawn

Manny Velazquez – Jesse

Javier Castilllo – John

GM – Tod

The camera sails back from La Cueva Milagro over the cemetery, where the Dia de Muerte festival is beginning.  We see the rising spirits of deceased little children, greeting their families and following them home.  We see a busload of political activists heading for the Theatro Alahambra, where Filippo steps out to receive info from one of his many street informers before heading over to Morgan’s Botanica for incense and supplies.  We see F13 gangsters distributing drugs provided by a boss in a fancy suit, a man with dark glasses and a limo.  We see Javier leaving his house to go to Morgan’s Botanica, nearly bumping into a parade of people dressed in colorful garb and partying as they move toward the park.  We pass over Morgan’s shop to watch Manny as he heads this way, looking to grab some supplies for tonight’s devotional rituals.

The three of them meet at Morgan’s door. Morgan is clearly worried, and acting weird.  We learn that there’s someone in the back room, someone who is apparently threatening her, and Javier identified it as Joker; a goon from Los Tigres, a gang that runs protection rackets on the far east side.  We are right on the edge of their turf.  Morgan loudly hurriedly rushes her customers along but her eyes are implying that she doesn’t want them to leave, and she returns repeatedly to the back room, where Joker’s voice can be heard.  She repeats this performance again, then takes out her phone and tries to message someone.

Meanwhile Filippo has stepped outside with his purchase and whipped out his own phone, which he uses to send a message to Casper and La Familia 13.  To his surprise, as soon as he mentions Morgan, he is told Casper will personally be there right away.  He hangs around to watch the fireworks. Morgan leaves the room again.  Javier and Manny are trying to come up with a response when some cars roll up blaring 808s and three F13 members tumble out of each one.  Out front, Filippo points them toward the door.  The other F13 group forcefully enters the storage room from the back.  There is shouting, and a shot rings out.  Javier and Manny rush in to find Joker, bleeding on the floor, surrounded by F13’s guns.  He manages to get up and leaves, swearing that “this isn’t over.”

Casper moves in to take control of the whole situation, guaranteeing Morgan’s safety and encouraging the other to move along.  As the PCs leave the shop he slides a baggie full of funny-looking hand-rolled cigarettes over to her side of the table, and she places her hand on top of it.  They all leave her with Casper and his lieutenants.


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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/