Other Borders Session 1 (Voices of the Dead)

by | Sep 30, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Filippo “The Great” Pacini – Shawn

Manny Velazquez – Jesse

Javier Castilllo – John

GM – Tod

In the evening, Filippo is hanging around backstage, where he hopes to meet a friendly contact.  Instead, he sees his friend’s rival, Mister Cisco.  He’d hoped to broker a peace between them, but Filippo doesn’t want to confront Cisco alone, so he sits in the back of the theater, listening to the scolding voices of his paternal ancestors. Once the show has ended, Filippo’s vigilante side take over.  He decides to follow the cartel boss, to discover where he’s been hiding out while in Entrelugares.  He follows Cisco, eventually reaching the airport on the northwest side of town.  Over the course of an hour or so, Filippo watches as people come and go, and exchanges are made under armed guard.  Filippo notices one visitor who brings Cisco a bag of hand-rolled cigarettes – similar to the ones Joker gave to Morgan.

Javier replays his memory of this morning: His Tio is nowhere to be found.  Even after Javier takes a nap, no Martin.  That’s when he finds a note from Martin, telling him that he had to go, reminding him to prepare for the festival, and saying if he needed anything he should contact Filippo.  Though he wasn’t too concerned at the time, now it’s been half a day and Tio Martin never misses their annual visit to the graves of their relatives.  Javier goes over to the theater to talk to Filippo. Filippo welcomes Javier but goes all poker-faced when Martin’s name is mentioned.  He says the people Tio’s with don’t want to let him go. Apparently Martin has come into danger and La Familia Trece is “keeping him safe”. Filippo dials Casper, after an exchange of pleasantries, Casper asks to speak to Javier.  He tells Javier that Martin is fine and in fact he says Martin is going to come home rich.  But for now, he says, the heat is on, because: Cisco is in town. Javier doesn’t understand why the cartel boss would be after his uncle.  Casper tells him that Martin is producing a hallucinogenic drug called “The Little Smoke”, and La Familia is handling its distribution.  Javier is shocked that the Little Smoke – a sacrament in his family’s chamanic tradition – would be treated as a common recreational drug.

Right after the incident at Morgan’s, Manny is hanging around on the busy street, surrounded by festival-goers and wandering spirits, waiting for Javier to pass by.  He wants to talk Javier into getting him an audience with Martin.  The conversation is stilted, and Manny is distracted by the continual appearance and disappearance of the wandering souls all around them. Javier is stoic.  When Manny presses, Javier admits that he doesn’t trust Manny, or his magical path.  Javier and his Tio have dealt with the fallout of Brujeria, and they consider it the path of darkness.   Manny makes one more effort, asking for help in controlling the very thing Javier fears.  He wants to help people, he swears, he just wants some help, some advice.   “Martin is currently unavailable,” says Javier.  “When he returns, I’ll see what I can do.”

Morgan stands in the front door of the Botanica, staring at the park, when Casper pulls up. He assures her that he’ll take care of her but he wants her to do just one more thing.  “If anybody comes around looking for the source of the Little Smoke,” he says, “maybe you just tell ‘em you make it yourself.” Morgan reluctantly agrees.  “You move product,” says Casper, “we all make money.  The camera pulls back out over the street as partiers fill the screen, singing, drinking, and marching down the road to the cemetery




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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/