Other Borders Session 2-1

by | Nov 18, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Filippo “The Great” Pacini – Shawn
Manny Velazquez – Jesse
Javier Castilllo – John
GM – Tod

Filippo has invited Javier to Gregorio’s, an expensive Italian restaurant.  He offers his apologies for the previous night, and proposes that the two of them work together to extract Tio Martin from his predicament.  Javier is nonplussed, and doesn’t think it sounds like a good idea: going up against either La Famila or the Cisco cartel.  He’s thinking of using magic to free his uncle. Filippo changes the topic and asks Javier what he knows of Manny. Javier reveals that Manny has been asking for an audience with Tio, but still doesn’t trust the young brujo.  Filippo suggests that Manny come in useful, since he is not known to either F13 or the cartel. Javier remains unconvinced.

Javier decides it’s time to reach out to his “spirit cousin” Coyote, to see if he can get any advice from the other side.  In the yard outside Martin’s little house, he relaxes his thoughts and steps sideways into the shimmering tableau of the other world.  On a mesa up ahead Javier sees Coyote: a tall lanky human male with a canine head, scanning the horizon until it spots him in return.  Coyote speaks in riddles. Javier finds himself back on the desert floor; the mesa is gone. His tattoo is tingling. He speaks directly to Coyote, who answers back plainly. “Your Tio has inverted his own power,” says the spirit guide.  “It is not your journey to find him: it is his journey to find himself.”  Javier defends Martin, his dedicatation to family and community. “Reasons extend beyond our ability to see them, but that doesn’t make them non-reasons.  You know Tio, he is afraid.” Javier asks if Coyote can impart any advice to him, since he is determined to get Tio Martin back.  “You’re dealing with issues beyond the veil,” Coyote says, “The other side of that border is dark and unknown.  This is not where you travel, but you know one who does travel there.”

Manny is setting up the ofrenda for his mother and father, and expecting to see his wayward brother at some point.  While he is struggling to get the frankincense lit, a pale hand reaches out to help.  It’s Alex, and he doesn’t look good: his eyes are sunken, his skin pale, and his fingers are trembling slightly.  Manny stands, “You look like shit.”  Alex laughs.  “It’s all about how you feel, isn’t it?  And I feel fine.  You can feel fine too: check this out.”  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of tinfoil, which he opens to reveal a thick, dark, sticky substance.  “Black tar opium!” says Alex – but he says it way too loud.  His exclamation gets the attention of a man standing a few graves over, It’s Jim Mack, He’s a cop.   “My brother will only be here for a few minutes,” Manny says.  “We don’t want any trouble.  You don’t want any trouble.”  The cop thinks it over.  He knows the Velazquez’ are practitioners of sorcery.  On this night, and here in this graveyard, Officer Jim Mack decides not to press his worldly authority.  “I didn’t see anything,” he says, “THIS time.”   Manny returns to Alex, who’s laughing.  They argue and Alex leaves.

Between scenes of people partying, dancing, singing, bowing their heads in prayer and otherwise partaking in the highpoint of the night’s festivities, we see short intercut shots of gang members and drug dealers in dark alleys and parked cars, getting shot, stabbed, and poisoned, one after the other.  We don’t see who’s doing the killing, but we can see that they’re very nicely dressed


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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/