Other Borders Session 3-2 (The Ties That Bind)

by | Jan 20, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Filippo “The Great” Pacini – Shawn

Manny Velazquez – Jesse

Javier Castilllo – John

GM – Tod

After the meeting with Miguel, Manny tells Javier he’ll meet him later. He goes home and checks in on his abuela, who is being watched by his teenage neighbor Ines. He goes to the small pantry off the kitchen, where he lights some candles and begins a ritual to recharge and center himself. Instead of pushing the other world away this time, he lets it in, and listens closely to what he hears. The voices of the spirits surround him. The town is suffering spiritually, far worse than he’s ever felt before, and underneath it all is a screaming female voice. Turning his attention in that direction, Manny gets a sudden vision of a Mexican woman, once beautiful, now dead and covered with cancers. She is screaming in a wail that never ends, and her eyes look directly into his. Manny snaps out of the vision, he has no idea who the screaming woman is, but he knows that somehow she is the center of all this.

Cisco picks Filippo up and they go to see Morgan. Filippo introduces them and pushes his way into the shop, inquiring about the Little Smoke. Morgan has no idea what to say. Filippo suggests that they sit and have some tea. Morgan goes over to a small table in the corner to prepare it. Morgan tells them that she can no longer make the Little Smoke; “There’s been a problem with my suppliers in Mexico, they’re unable to get their shipments over the border anymore. Filippo presses her; he knows something else is going on. She stammers “I don’t even know where he – they – where it comes from. The two men exchange glances, Filippo’s expression implying that she is not telling the truth. “You need to be up front with us,” he tells her. “If you are moving it for someone else, this will not end well.” Cisco pulls aside his jacket to reveal that he’s carrying a gun. Cisco tells her you have one day: to either give to me your sources, or face the consequence.” He smiles, thanks her for the tea, and they depart.

After the meeting with Miguel, Javier goes back to Marten’s place and sets up a ritual to recharge. He prepares the altar, removes his shirt, and takes a hit of the Little Smoke. His impressions are disturbing: the entire town has a soul, and it is diseased. He sees the faces of the suffering, feels the energy of the town, it is withering. No matter how he tries to assure himself that everything will be okay, he gets the feeling there’s still something dark left over: that even if he succeeds in all he’s trying to do, there is still something he’s missing.

Javier is awakened by a loud and authoritative knock on the front door. He looks out the window and sees a patrol car, lights spinning, out in front. Javier considers fleeing. “If I crack the back door,” he thinks to himself, “I could just shapeshift and take off…”More knocks at the door. “Javier Castillo,” shouts the cop, “You are wanted for the manufacture of illegal narcotics. Don’t make me call for backup!” Javier sighs, pulls on some pants, and goes to open the door. He tries to explain: “Officer, my uncle and I are merely healers and providers for those who follow the old ways. I believe you’re mistaken.” Mack isn’t even listening. He spins Javier around, pushing him against the wall and handcuffing him. “You can tell it to the judge,” he says, “they all say the same thing.” He begins reading Javier his Miranda rights as he shoves him into the cruiser. The last shot of the episode is the police car driving off under the noon sun, with Javier, in cuffs, staring out the window.



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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/