Other Borders Session 4-2 (The Paths We Tread)

by | Mar 16, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Filippo “The Great” Pacini – Shawn

Manny Velazquez – Jesse

Javier Castilllo – John

GM – Tod

Cisco pays a visit to Javier in jail.  He asks three times – under threat of pressing charges and ruining Javier’s life – where Martin is.  Javier lies, insisting that he doesn’t know.  Cisco leaves, telling him he will be sorry he didn’t cooperate.

Filippo is a mess, and has begun babbling about the shameful visitations from his paternal ancestors; he’s not even sure whether they’re real, or whether he’s just crazy.  Javier decides to use espiritualisimo to contact Filippo’s Papi, hoping he can give Filippo some news that will calm him and restore him to sanity.  He sets up just in front of the wardrobe, lights candles and sage, mumbles some “magic words” and enters a trance state.  In his trance he asks: “What can Filippo do that will put you to rest?” and he receives wordless sensations from Filippo’s Papi.  The feelings are those of despair, regret, and shame, along with a deep fear that in the end, the Pacani bloodline will have come to nothing.  Manny tells Filippo what he learned.  Filippo is not surprised – for they have already said such things to him directly – but at least now he knows that they’re real.  Filippo tells Manny more of his life story, and then takes him to the back office where he shows him the string map and costume, and plays a security tape of the costumed man sneaking out of the theater.  “I believe that is me,” says Filippo, “but I do not remember it.  I believe my ancestors are making me become what they want me to be.  If you can help me stop it, I will be in your debt.”  Manny begins agreeing with everything Filippo says; he is now certain the stage magician has gone stark raving mad.

Filippo takes Manny and meets with Morris Leasher at the station.  Filippo and Morris argue with the police, Filippo makes a bail payment, and they are successful in getting Javier released on his own recognizance.

Filippo goes to Casper’s warehouse, where buys an ounce of The Little Smoke and says hello to Martin.  While he does this, Javier and Manny prepare their sacraments – Manny smokes the bud and Javier channels all his energy through his tattoo – and they enter the astral plane.  It goes badly right away: Manny is pulled into The Void and Javier struggles to retrieve his spirit.  Once reunited, they find themselves in a purple desert that Javier does not recognize; they’re lost.  From the west, a distant voice is calling to Javier that only he can hear.  The two consider moving westward when Coyote appears and taps Javier on the shoulder.  “You’ve gone and lost yourself,” he says, chiding Javier, “You found the person you need but that person has caused you to stray from the path.  There’s something you’re missing…”  Coyote tells them they have a long way to go, and points off to the east, where a warehouse can be seen on the horizon.  The two of them set off toward the warehouse, and it takes them six hours to get there.  By the time they re-enter the real world it’s 9 PM, and Filippo is long gone.

Manny and Javier hear a siren go by, headed toward the park, followed by the screams of townspeople.  There smoke and fire visible above the rooftops to the southeast.  People are running this way and that, and from snatches of conversation they realize that Morgan’s Botanica is burning.  The camera pulls up to reveal the entire building in flames and in the park across the street, Cisco hands over a package to Carlos Michato, leader of Los Tigres.




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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/