Review – Arxpell Elemental spell magic dice: Fire, Water, Earth and Air – For all types of role playing games – 19 mm – D6 fully customized!

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Gaming Aids

Dice. All shapes and colors and types. I see a pile of dice, just sitting there, all alone, waiting, nay, begging, to be picked up, touched, and rolled with abandon – I am going to do just that. Hell, I might just lick them if they look like candy.

Not really. Although…

Never mind. Onward. Arxpell (by Elisabeth & Julien) Elemental Casting Dice are here!

Yes, the four elements are alive in these dice and waiting your rolling pleasure.

Earth, Air, Fire, & Water.

Each with lovingly, and painstakingly etched artwork on four-six-sided dice.

Look at them. Go ahead. Do it. Gaze at their delicious, exquisiteness.

Arxpell Custom Elemental Dice

I love these dice. And for me to use the word ‘love’, well, that’s a big thing. I don’t use it lightly and for me to make this claim means the product stands out, so take heed fellow nerds.

Some quick and dirty details…

  1. The dice are well made and detailed – black die offers great contrast  with etched art.
  2. Each die is 19mm with square corners.

Now, first, know this – the dice are NOT a game unto themselves (however, I suppose the truly imaginative could do so) – they are designed to add flavor and depth to your magic and spells.

Second, (and this fucking rocks), they add to and augment your existing game/campaign, no matter what system that might be. They are props – and I love (there is that word again) game props.

Admit it. What better prop is there than a set of cool dice? Easy to transport and fun to roll.

Players and Gamemasters alike have the opportunity to use their imagination to add to almost ANY spell/magic scenario with Arxpell Elemental Casting Dice.

It’s time for some new House Rules utilizing these dice.

For my part as a DM, I will be adding these (along with some dungeon terrain) to an upcoming live stream campaign.

For the devious GM and his sweet little fire trapped statue…


Roll the Fire Elemental Die and roleplay the outcome…

Fireball + ongoing Burn Damage? Maybe. Perhaps a total Disintegration?! Shit. That would suck. Or perhaps, just perhaps, the trap FAILS? <Player wipes sweat from brow and thanks the true gods>

Check the kick starter here –

And their website here –

Pledge at the Elementalist level and for $29 you get all 4 dice. Pricey? Of course, they are. You get what you pay for – a quality product that is both functional and collectible. Plus, the artwork is bad ass and you now have another cool prop to add to your arsenal.

All in all a nice addition to your gaming table.

Get these dice. I am. Yes, that’s right. I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Will you? 😀