Review – Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven

by | Feb 7, 2016 | Game Reviews

The perfect companion to your Ashen Star Core Rulebook, Dead Rock Seven gives the eager GM four scenarios to run that range from sexy pleasure planets to desolate asteroid mines. In each case, your lasers will need to use ingenuity, skill, and luck to navigate these dangerous worlds. Everything you would expect from Pelgrane scenarios is here, investigation backbone, clues associated with a variety of skills, ample contingencies and ways to weave the story, and pregen characters to get you off and running quickly. If your group is anything like mine, they will want to make their own characters after your first run, which is a great thing.

These scenarios are not for the faint of heart. What do you expect when the first one is set on a sex planet with a mysterious disappearance of “Johns”. Needless to say, my players were both shocked and awed. All the scenarios are that risque, so don’t worry. But don’t let your guard down, there are horrors beyond intergalactic STDs and they aren’t nearly as forgiving.