Rogue Trader Session 0 Part 1

by | Nov 14, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Welcome to Session 0 of our new Rogue Trader campaign. This episode is going to be a little different then our normal actual plays. In this first part we are building the Warrant of Trade for the game. The rules for creation of the Warrant can be found in the book, “Into the Storm”. Warrant creation is very similar to character creation in the system. I decided to use the Warrant creation to inform some of the backstory for my character Venari Hallerman, the Rogue Trader. We also do character introductions, although Jesse has changed his character after this recording.

Here is a quick run down of our choices:

Age of Apostasy – The first choice that needs to be made is the Age of the Warrant. There are 5 eras during which a Rogue Traders Warrant may have been granted. We chose the one right in the middle known as the Age of Apostasy. It’s a dark time of anarchy across the Imperium.

Ascending – Next up is Fortune and Fate. This choice represents the status of the Rogue Traders house. We chose Ascending. Stable seemed pretty boring and struggling was really going to screw us on ship points. A little Meta but hey, we’re PC’s after all.

Ministorium BequestAcquisition (the next step) represents the circumstances by which your Warrant was granted. Since we have a missionary on board as well as a void master who has zealot in his background this felt like a good choice.   Now while the Ecclesiarchy alone does not hold the power to grant a Warrant of Trade they do have great influence in the matter. This choice should help to create good interparty conflict.

Fall of the Tellurian Combine – After Acquisition comes Sanction. This choice represents what the Rogue Traders house is known for.   In this case it can be really bad.   The Tellurian Combine was a mighty commercial interest that dominated the economy of the Calixis Sector.   Unfortunately it was later discovered that the Combine was a front for a malefic cult in the thrall of a warp demon Balphomael. A big no no in the Imperium.

Pirates – Now we come to Contacts which in our case happen to be pirates. In some sense most Rogue Traders are pirates if not in name than in deed. Lets say they share a common trait in that they look at the galaxy as there to be exploited in one way or another. I’m sure nothing bad could ever come out of this associtation.

Infamous – The last choice is Warrant Renown and for us there really wasn’t a choice at all.   Our path dictated that our Warrant would be infamous and really I don’t think we’d have it any other way!