Rogue Trader Session 25-2

by | Aug 31, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Venari Hallerman (Rogue Trader) – John

Kynnoch (Navigator) – Jesse

Jarnan Morgun (Missionary) – Jon

Emmaus Kore (Void Master) – Kevin

GM – Neil

Venari begins negotiations with Explorator Tallentrax. Tallentrax wants exclusive access to the demon blood and is prepared to pay a good price for it. Venari explains that he is hoping that the Adeptus Mechanicus may work with the Ecclesiarchy to fashion weapons with the substance and says that Karnot Stand is already aware of it’s existence. Tallentrax calls Venari a fool and says that the Ecclesiarchy will never accept that kind of deal. Venari tells him he will sleep on it and then asks if Tallentrax could “fix” Tim. Unfortunately Tim is quite dead so instead Venari opts for a full service in honor of Tim and his heroic sacrifice.

As Venari and Emmaus make to leave Venari turns on his heal and tells Tallentrax about Somnius Abernath and his role in procuring the demon blood. Tallentrax is somewhat taken aback by that and Venari leaves. Emmaus waits a beat and then tells Tallentrax to keep his options open and know who his allies are and then quickly follows after Venari.

Upon returning to the ship Venari talks with the Dock Master about repairs for the Heretics Bane.   Initial estimates are that it will take upwards of two months but Venari spreads some thrones around and has them cut it down to a week.

When the crew reconvenes Jarnan asks for a sample to the demon blood for Karnot Stand. Venari says that he gave everything hey brought back to Tallentrax but offers him the small vial that he still had that was given to him from Igon Ballentine. Jarnan is pissed but takes the vial and heads back to Cardinal Stand with Kynnoch in tow. Venari sends the servo skull Kayne to follow. Kynnoch talks shit about Venari the whole time he’s walking with Jarnan but Jarnan to his credit asks for proof of Venari’s perfidities. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller