Rogue Trader Session 4-1 (MP3)

by | May 29, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play

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Venari Hallerman (Rogue Trader) – John

Kayne Lomelin (Arch Militant) – Jesse

Jarnan Morgun (Missionary) – Besse

Emmaus Kore (Void Master) – Kevin

GM – Neil

Our scene opens with Venari attempting to negotiate with Rogue Trader Harstack.  The rest of the command crew attempts to gain better positions and look for the artifact.  It doesn’t appear to be on the bridge so Venari asks Harstack about it.  Harstack jumps from the Captains chair and “force” pushed Venari and Emmaus into the wall.  And with that combat ensues……

Jarnan is able to set Harstack on fire and then gets mauled by a demon dog.  Emmaus is knocked out and slowly comes back around. Venari and Kayne work together to bring down one of the demon dogs.  Jarnan gets a little cocky and walks up to the flaming Harstack and tries to finish him off but gets gutted for his trouble.  The second dog attempts to flee and is finished off by Emmaus as Venari and Kayne team up to finish off Harstack.

Kayne pushes Jarnan’s guts back in and cauterizes the wound closed with the flamer.  As the party begins to get itself back together they start looking for the artifact. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order!

Theme music created by Brett Miller