Shadowrun – The Dragon Variation – Ep6 The Dragon’s Daughter – Gamerstable RPG Podcast

by | Nov 19, 2015 | LoTT Network - Actual Play, Podcasts


Episode 6 – The Dragon’s Daughter

The story behind Aman’iel’s abduction as well as the larger plans within plans.

Nightfall – Shannon Steele
FastBack – Dan Helderman
Frenzy – Mike Bridges
Talisman – Brandon Williams
Poison Lilly – Brandi Williams
Astral Glide – Jayson King
Blockade – Shawn King
Apex Black – Brandon Irwin
Brother Voix – Francis Fernandez
Big Kid – Riley Hinton
Small Kid – Chelsea King
Number 8 – Dane White
Callista Oakwood-Greenleaf – Chasity Cueto
Mr. Johnson [Ehran the Scribe] – Mike Davenport
Jenna Mayfair/Tailgunner – Katarina Ausley

Theme Music by DotSound
Background Music by MachinimaSound

Written, Produced and Directed by Eric Ausley

A sincere thank you to Catalyst Game Labs for allowing us to make this production
Shadworun is property of The Topps Company