Star Frontiers Session 4

by | Mar 2, 2016 | LoTT Network - Actual Play, Videos

The Streel Inquiry – The Mikomi requires an enormous amount of supplies to support its 4,000 inhabitants (as well as the 8,000 still in cryogenic storage). It purchases goods from several friendly ports but over the last year three of the seven shipments have been hijacked enroot to delivery. The delivery ships have been hit by a pair of pirate’s corvettes, which disabled their engines, and forced the crews to surrender their cargos. So far nobody has been killed. The Mikomi has made up for the shortages by personally picking up supplies from ports as mid-space re-supply rendezvous seem to be targeted. It seems the ship is being specifically targeted.
Someone is leaking the shipment schedules to the pirates. The Mikomi, a large and powerful warship, is far too slow to chase about smaller and faster pirate ships, as well as any direct combat situations puts the civilian population at risk. Not to mention that the pirates have stolen a small fortune worth of supplies from House Tri-Var.
The situation has gotten even worse. The Streel Mega-Corporation, who insured these shipments, is about to launch a formal investigation. It seems they suspect that some sort of fraud must be going on, one in which House Var-Tri might be a party to. They refuse to insure any further shipments, have black listed House Var-Tri with the other mega-corporations, and plans to sue the house if any internal wrong doing is discovered.
The investigators are asked to deal with this inquiry, working with the Streel investigator to get to the bottom of things. If there is a security leak, it must be plugged. These pirates must be identified, tracked down, and brought to justice (even if that is at the end of a carbon-fiber ceramic spear). The goods, worth at current more than 1.4 million credits, must be located and recovered. The investigator, a Vrusk named Vil’Trillvic, is waiting to be picked up by the Mikomi, to begin his inquest.
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