Steam Drawing/Giveaway – Giant Machines 2017

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Giant Machines 2017


Did you enjoy playing with Tonka trucks when you were a child?
How about grinding down the tops of mountains? Extracting silicon for the space shuttle? In this game you most certainly can!
Gameplay begins in a workshop in what I’m guessing is somewhere in rural Wyoming, in which you quickly learn to navigate and perform other necessary functions in the game environment. Support is offered for both the traditional mouse and keyboard controls, as well as the XBOX 360 Gamepad equivalent. I am tempted to plug in my trusty USB arcade-style paddle as well.
As it has been said, so it shall be done.


I want to see your battlestations, too!!

I just installed a nicer 8-way joystick on it. See the bits of masking tape? A sweet paintjob is forthcoming.

Does it support this arcade paddle? Not quite, but almost. I am certain that if I spent more time with this and joytokey, I could make it work, but I don’t have the necessary desire to do so, as it’s not the best tool for this job. (You can jump in this game! Yes!)
Do not let the battlestation pic detract from the fact that these machines are gigantic.


Did I say something about how ridiculously huge they were?

Atop the previously pictured mining apparatus:

I tried to get above what appears to be a conveyor belt. I could not, I failed.
I tried to jump off the ladder instead. Self-preservation prevailed.
Subsequent platforms? Not so much.

I cannot convey in simple people words how excited I am to see that yes, the character can suffer fatal injuries! (Seriously, I’m overjoyed that this function hasn’t been overlooked in game development. You’d be surprised how often something as simple as this gets completely ignored in a simulation game.)

But yes, these machines are indeed massive, and the beginning stages of this game have set a mighty precedent. One can only hope that the levels to follow allow for more catastrophic failures to occur.

Thanks to our friends at PlayWay S. A., Legends of Tabletop has an extra Steam code to give away!

I am certain you would like to join me in the gigantic machine antics!

To enter our drawing for your very own copy of Giant Machines 2017 via Steam,
Please send an email to legendsoftabletop AT gmail DOT com with a message titled GIANT MACHINES.  Only one entry per email address.  Multiple entries will not increase your chance of winning.

A winner will be chosen at random on 10/14/2016, at which time the winner will be notified by an email which will contain the coveted Steam code.

I look forward to seeing your entry, and good luck!

If you are the impatient sort, this game is currently on sale at Steam for a limited time.

Find the game HERE
Game Trailer HERE