The Clockwork Oracle 1-2

by | May 7, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Jef – Marcus (apothecary)

Byron – Sabina (courtesan)

Vince – Denicus (Engineer)

John – Lucius (centurion)


With their mission (and various side missions) made clear the investigators wait until late in the evening and enter the house of Dexius Latinius. Unfortunately not the stealthiest bunch, as they make their way into the son’s old room they are attacked by the dog who has been modified in a most horrific way. The dog is covered in cogs and clockworks with plates and crystals screwed and otherwise attached to it.   They quickly put the dog out of its misery, as it appears that it could not be saved.

Moving into the main house Denicus and Lucius make for the father’s room while Sabina and Marcus move further in. Upon entering the old man’s room he stirs and charges. Lucius is able to easily incapacitate the old man but while doing so the clockwork jay begins moving on it’s own. Denicus hurls his spear at it knocking it down and they are able to smash it.

In the hall, slaves begin advancing on Sabina and Marcus threateningly while yealling please don’t hurt us. Then they see that the slaves have been “augmented” with helmets with glowing crystals screwed into their heads. Sabina is able to hold off the slaves with a stool while Marcus attacks one of Nictarios’s men. The four investigators together are able to subdue the slaves and rush into the workshop where they find Nictarios and another of his henchmen. They kill themselves transferring their consciousness’ into a giant stone and metal golem. Lucius goes temporarily insane but Denicus and Sabina are able to bring it down Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller