The Polyhedron Society – Star Wars Episode 3 Red City

by | Feb 21, 2016 | LOTT Broadcast Network, LoTT Network - Actual Play

Star Wars
Episode Three
Red City

Star Wars
Episode Three
Red City

A long night on the Malvo farm reveals hidden dangers of the desert
night, as well as hidden delights of the Malvo hydro-farm.
The crew of The Last Ride set about making a deal with Del Malvo and
learn about a threat to the farm.
The smugglers journey to Phalena to seek the permission of Tir Dron, Duros
governor of Cassadine, to hold a meeting with Tonavan Dweel on neutral
ground, only to run into some old friends.

Tim (Gamemaster), Jeremy (Lan), Steve (Draco), Cody (Vog), and Claire (Dr. Riskyr)

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