The Polyhedron Society – Star Wars Episode 6 New Friends

by | Mar 6, 2016 | LOTT Broadcast Network, LoTT Network - Actual Play

Star Wars
Episode 6
New Friends

The aftermath of the back alley brawl
with Ozala reveals pent up emotions
from the crew of The Last Ride. Lan
learns some of the strategic information
concerning an Imperial supply depot.

The Bothan, Riskyr, and the Trandoshan
mountain, Vog, meet a new friend at the
Sant Medical Clinic. Riskyr finds some
much needed inner peace, if only breifly.

Lan arranges an ominiousmeeting with the
Twi’lek Tonovan.

Tim (Gamemaster), Jeremy (Lan), Steve (Draco), Cody (Vog), and Claire (Dr. Riskyr)

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