Time for another update

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Notes From the Dungeon Master

Ok time for another update.

Things continue to move forward at a breakneck speed for us here.  Some things we still can’t talk about quite yet as we’re still working out details but should prove to be pretty exciting once implemented.

There are a couple of things we can talk about though.

First I can give you the reason behind the idea for AP Mondays.  I mean beside the idea that AP’s are awesome and the reason a lot of people listen to podcasts in the first place.  When Vince and I talked to Oscar Rios a little while back the two of them really geeked out over Star Frontiers.  I’m sure you’ve listened to the podcast already, right?  Well, anyway, from that conversation Oscar got the idea of running a Star Frontiers campaign and included us in the conversation.  Vince suggested that we host it and of course record it and viola AP Mondays was born.  We also plan on running some other random one shot games and Neil is talking about running a Fear Itself campaign.  I also plan on rounding things out by posting up some of the old NerdBound Podcasts that I was in during my tenure there.

Bigger news is that we are planning on starting our own podcast network.  Yep, you see we we’re either going to kick ass or chew bubble gum and well, we didn’t even have any bubble gum so it was probably inevitable that we’d start a ruckus.  We have 3 other podcasts lined up already with the potential for 3 more.  I don’t want to reveal the names yet until we finalize the details but we’re hoping to kick this off come November.  The other potential podcasts maybe a bit of a long shot but the way we look at things is that the potential for everything is yes, until it’s no.  That mindset allows for no boundaries to be placed upon us, not even by ourselves.  What does that mean exactly, how does translate into content, guests, products?   I have no clue, we’re just as much on this ride as all of you.  What I do know is that there is nothing off the table.

The last thing I want to put out there right now is that Kurt from the MFGCast is running a team for Extra Life Charities.  Of course you know this already because again you listened to the podcast.  Well we decided to take the bull by the horns and see what we could do to help raise some money and this is what we came up with.  Legends of Tabletop is going to be sponsoring/hosting two separate charity games for Extra Life.  One game is going to be run by Oscar Rios of Golden Goblin Press and the other game is going to be hosted by Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing.  We are working out the final details and we’ll have that for you soon.  Essentially it’s going to be run like a raffle with virtual tickets.  Potential players will donate (buy tickets) for a chance to play in the game.  We’ll put all of the names in a hat and choose 5 players for each game.

You can also find us on Feedburner now as well as Stitcher.  Next we tackle itunes.