An MFGCast interview with Alex Jarzebinski about the Battlebards launch (Feb. 1st 2016)

by | Feb 8, 2016 | LOTT Broadcast Network


The Battlebards launch is upon us! We talk to Alex Jarzebinski (General – Marketing – Product Manager of Battlebards LLC) about all of the hard work that everyone at Battlebards has accomplished to make some great fantasy audio! We also talk about how the Battlebards crew creates a well thought out theme for their music, how much time goes into each individual track, what goes into a day at Battlebards to fine tune their great tracks, etc. Also, we’re going to give you some FREE TRACKS with your purchase of some great audio for that RPG, board game, and life experiences!

Use code MFGCAST 1: Buy the $10 & $25 Packages and get bonus 1 Total Track FREE:
MUSIC: Dwarf Temple – The Soul Forging – Score Music
Use code MFGCAST 2: Buy the $50 & $100 Packages, get bonus 5 Total Tracks FREE and includes all $10/$25 Package Bonuses:
MONSTERSCAPE: Eye-Monster – Combat – Behold Extermination
SOUNDSCAPE: Dungeon – Dungeon of Loss – Inhabited
NPC SCRIPT: Armorsmith – Steel and Silk
SOUND EFFECT: Shortbow Arrow Barrage
Use code MFGCAST 3: Buy the $150 & $300 Packages Bonus, get bonus 10 Total Tracks and includes all $50/$100 Package Bonuses:
MUSIC: Dark Elf City – Morndingur – Score Music
SOUND EFFECT: Magic Missile Spell
MONSTERSCAPE: Common Giant – Torture – Hill Giant Entertaining at Home
RACIAL LANGUAGE: Orcish – Orc Brute Lashes Out
SOUNDSCAPE: Castle Ruins – Ruins of The Black Castle at Night

So put on those premium headphones and strap in, and buy Battlebards premium audio dammit!