The MFGCast Presents: Burned Preview

Join us as we "burn" up a preview for Burned, a two player burned spy vs. the agency game designed by Jon Moffat and published by Stone Circle Games. Find it on Kickstarter February 13th!

The MFGCast Presents: Small Storage

In this episode we talk about condensing our small box games and then talk about what we've been playing recently. Games we talk about: Dead Man's Draw, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Vaalbara, Go Nuts for Donuts, Sushi Go.

The MFGCast Presents: End of 2023 Chaos

Join us as we talk about 2023, the games we played, didn't play, and in between. The games we talk about: Earth, Joan of Arc: Draw and Write, Godsforge, Race to the Raft, Great Western Trail, Heaven and Ale, Fantastic Factories.

The MFGCast Presents: Rules

Join Traci and Kurt as they talk about rules: How we read them, interpret them, mistake them, and deal with them. We also talk about Renature by Capstone Games and Boomerang USA by Grail Games.


Join us as we talk about some fun random topics like adding a fourth to our board game group, getting some games knocked out on our Shelf of Opportunity, and more!