Expanding the Empire

by | Sep 27, 2015 | Notes From the Dungeon Master

As we continue our slow but steady growth we have decided to branch out into another area, actual plays.  There is something in the works that will lend itself to this additional avenue for your entertainment.  I don’t want to say anymore then that at the moment but it’s pretty exciting!  (at least it is for us)

With that being said we are going to turn Monday into “Actual Play Mondays”.  We plan on releasing a new episode every Monday.  Depending on the length of our play sessions I’m going to try and keep the episodes to about an hour.  Bite sized chunks for your listening pleasure.  So, kick your week off right by putting us in your earholes!

For our first game we have our play through of Infected by Immersion Studios.  Oliver, one of the creators of the Immersion RPG game system, was gracious enough to put us through our paces in a post apocalyptic world haunted by the Infected.  Will our “heroes” survive?  Check it out and see.