MFGCast: The Taco Stand: GAMA Trade Show and More

by | Apr 6, 2016 | LOTT Broadcast Network, Uncategorized


We’re excited to have Taco from So1ks Gaming to contribute a segment we’re calling “The Taco Stand”. It’s going to be a look into the mind of Taco and the many aspects of gaming that he brings to the table. In this installment of The Taco Stand, Taco gives us the inside info on the GAMA Trade Show, where game companies show off their upcoming games for 2016. Taco runs through the games that we all will be excited to play and will be clamoring for! Also, Taco talks about his upcoming reviews for So1ks Gaming that always give us great insight into fun games. So help us welcome Taco as we experience the first installment of the Taco Stand!