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050 RPG Designers Round Table Jesse, from the Dragon Fisters podcast, and I are talking with Ken Hite and Oscar Rios about game design.  Will we get a word in edgewise?  Tune in and find out! Home of Pagan...

011 Ken Hite Interview Mp3

You didn't get to watch the live interview that Jesse and I did with Ken Hite?  I can't imagine why not but if you did miss it now you can download the audio and take us with you.

NecronomiCon Wrap up

NecronomiCon Wrap up

Home sweet home. Now almost a week later I finally find myself with a little bit of time to sit down and reflect on my first trip to NecronomiCon but where to begin? I wasn't really sure what to expect since my only other Con experience was PAX East and that's a whole...