The MFGCast Presents The Long Trip Home Episode 23: Finale Part Two

by | Dec 26, 2021 | Legends of Tabletop

This is it, the magnum opus of Selenar and Kravoi. Can Selenar trust Glathoul and the copper dragons to help defeat Zariel? Can Kravoi use his temp death powers to reach his full potential? Can Rktaman unlock his true powers and save the world?

Thank you to everyone who has listened to our D&D campaigns. It means more than you know. It’s been my pleasure to bring these stories to you.


Music and Sound Effects by Battlebards

Selenar Ularyen (John Haremza/Legends of Tabletop)

Kravoi Foodchaser Nolakavea (John Neary)

GM (Kurt Aumueller)